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A Pest Control Company in Anchorage, Alaska

93McPez Pest Control has one of the finest reputations in the industry. Starting in Walton, Alaska with very little experience and no money at all, Joe McPez has created one of the best known brands in pest control.

He insists that his team focuses on the values that brought him success from the beginning – understanding of the customer’s needs, strict adherence to compliance and standards, and above all, safety first.

McPez Pest Control was the number one pest control firm in daytonpest control firm in Chicago  & Exterminator of Pest Control in Detroit for over ten years running before Joe McPez threw his office keys to his Aunt Tilly, packed up his Range Rover and drove out of town with little but his Member’s Only jacket.

He was fortunate to arrive in Arizona sixteen days later, with a pocket full of cash he had earned taking care of pest control problems on the road. While police investigated Joe for a few incidents that were reported, nobody ever proved anything because Joe McPez keeps the very highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Today, McPez Pest Control has offices across the United States and is proud to offer franchise opportunities to those qualified pest control providers who want to affiliate with the best in the business. McPez is a true jobs creator, bringing more people to work in one day than they ever imagined!

Putting bugs out of business is the McPez way of life, and if you think you have what it takes, McPez Pest Control invites you to apply for a job or a franchise opportunity today! There are bugs waiting for you.

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