bb5The history of the bed bug is one of annoyance and pain, as it’s been causing this for human beings for millennium. Scientists think that bed bugs started using bats as their hosts, and then transitioned to cave dwelling humans back in the stone ages.

Spreading their population wherever human beings went, there were bed bugs throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas nearly as soon as there were humans. Today, bed bugs are happy to find a place to call home wherever a human is living.

The reason is that bed bugs love warm and cozy temperatures just like humans do. Particularly around the colder seasons, bed bugs are prone to move indoors and snuggle up with their favorite guy or gal.

The results of a bed bug cuddle fest can be significant. Some people get very painful, raised red welts from bed bug bites. These people have a low level allergy to the bed bug’s bite and should be seen by a physician.

There are those who hardly notice the bed bug bite, but who have a very difficult time sleeping at all, once they’re aware that they’ve been attacked, unnoticed, under cover of darkness. The psychological and physiological effects of the bed bugs are such that McPez Pest Control has created a bed bug treatment package that will meet all needs.

imh32Premium bed bug treatment includes a full house inspection prior to scheduling service. Schedule with the Top denver pest control companies.

On the day of the inspection, a more thorough evaluation for bed bugs will be made, and the linens and soft goods in the way of treatment will be removed.

If no live bed bugs are found, but there are bites on a resident, the professional treating the situation will install bed bug monitoring devices.

If there are live bed bugs found, the steaming cleaning, vacuuming and application of powerful insecticides will remove them from the premise.

Our partners in Chicago, the Best Bed Bug Chicago Exterminator Team also can help if you are in Chicago. If you’re in Columbus, Ohio, please refer to the Best Bed Bug Columbus Exterminator Team