If you’re interested in working at McPez Pest Control, we are interested in learning more about you! There are opportunities for a few careers right now with McPez locations throughout the United States.

You can read about them below. We encourage you to apply because we are always looking for good people to join our ranks!

If you’d like more information about owning an operating a McPez franchise, please reach out to our Business Development Coordinator, Lydia McPez.

She will help you to determine the best structure in the McPez family for your company, and she will take an application with you over the phone. We do our best to help franchisees establish themselves early in the McPez family, so don’t be surprised if you’re invited to a cook out or party in your neck of the woods!

Current Job Openings


How-to-Start-a-Tech-CompanyThe determination and poise it takes to make sure that over 1,000 pest control technicians make it to their destination on time!

Coordinating the inventory that helps our technicians fight the war on bugs is another important job that makes our Dispatch Staff some of the most important people in the company.

Sales Inspector

saThe first line of the business, our Sales Inspectors are typically experienced in outside sales, coordination efforts and working as part of a team.

We have an exceptional group of sales and inspection professionals who can help train the newcomer in any of our national locations.

Customer Care

service-desk-agentDetermine what the challenges are for our most important people and set up the initial sales inspection service.

Take emergency calls and coordinate with dispatch to ensure that dangerous animal removals and other regulated processes are handled properly.