The McPez Pest Control business is built on one concept: putting bugs out of business is the McPez way of life. When Joe McPez arrived in Arizona in 1985, he brought very little with him, but he knew that he would only invest his hard-earned money in the best products for his pest control business.

The affiliation with a brand that’s known to make the right stuff, the right way, helps a company to grow. Besides, Joe wants to be the company that keeps its customers happy – one visit is much better than ten visits in his book!

Some of the brands that McPez recommends and requires for all franchisees are listed below. Think about the company you want to work with: putting bugs out of business is the McPez way, and these are McPez’s best partners.

Before purchasing any of these products, make sure they comply with your state’s regulatory requirements.

Wasp Freeze

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Outdoor pests with a big sting, the wasp is one of nature’s most worthless pests. Wasp Freeze takes care of them, no questions.


mes de termidor

The industry-leading termite treatment solution, Termidor has been applied by professional pest treatment companies in more than 4 million US homes. It provides defense against drywall termites and subterranean termites, and peace of mind to the homeowner.



McPez uses Topia when the situation calls for organic compounds. The combination of cedar oils, flower elixers and sulphates allows the pest control professional to know he’s laying down the goods. Preventing attacks by spiders, silver fish, roaches, ants and bed bugs, Topia is a natural and safe way to keep your house and your family pest free.